About EE Wordsmith

My name is Paul Pickering. I am a degreed engineer (University of London, B.Sc. in Physics/Electronics) with over 25 years' marketing, design, and applications experience in the avionics, industrial automation, automotive and semiconductor industries.

My application and marketing career encompasses digital and analog circuit design, embedded systems programming in both assembly and high-level languages, and website design and coding. I've done a lot of web development for small entrepreneurs utilizing both server-side (PHP) and client-side code, WordPress, jQuery, etc

 I have been writing professionally for over twenty years, working with clients in both technical and non-technical fields. My technical work ranges from highly complex application notes for working design engineers to articles aimed at a more general technical audience.  I have also written for clients in the property development, restaurant, interior design, music, and marketing fields.

My writing experience is particularly strong in the following areas:

  • Semiconductor Devices and Circuits
  • Power Management
  • Precision Analog - ADCs, Opamps, DACs, etc.
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Open-Source Software - PHP, HTML, Javascript, Linux, Apache, etc.
  • Internet Of Things (IoT) topics
  • Industrial Automation/Process Control