Fellow Electronic Professional,

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You review another all-but-indecipherable app note or data sheet from your team in Eastern Europe, and you can't help but wonder - Will a customer whose first language is Chinese or Italian spend the time to understand this? Or will they try one of my competitors instead?"
  • You need to produce a polished, persuasive article that clearly explains your company's technical products or services to your target audience - but you don't have the time to educate a writer about your industry or your technology.
  • You have to put together a technical advertisement to meet an upcoming editorial deadline, but the ad agency's dragging their feet.
  • Your Marcom group is already stretched to the breaking point, but you need to get out another press release in a hurry.
  • You've been putting off revising your company's design guide for six months, so now you look like you're a step behind your competition's new products.

If any of the above rings a bell, then EEWordsmith is for you! We know how to write clear, technically sound, hard selling copy. Our work ranges from general promotional material to highly complex application notes aimed at working design engineers.  

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